My First Nitro, Wow!

My first summer in Phoenix back in 2006 not only was it hotter than I had ever experienced, it was nearly impossible to find a cold coffee replacement for my hot coffee indulgence. Most shops would serve me a hot coffee over ice, which is basically slightly warm coffee flavored water. If I requested an iced espresso drink I would end up doctoring it up with sweetener to fight the bold bitter flavor that was a result of shocking the espresso with ice.
Over the past few years the resurgence of cold brew has once again got me excited about summer and the possibilities of drinking delicious coffee all season long. The cold brew method mutes the acidity level and delivers a smooth, rounded cup of coffee; but I found that a lot of the subtle flavors I enjoyed in the hot brew method were muddled or left in the grounds with the cold brewed method.
Then came Nitro coffee! Hot brewed, infused with nitrogen and pulled with nitrogen thru a tap for one of the most delicious cold coffee drinks I have ever tasted!
The Brow Lifter Ethiopia was served to me in a frosted pint glass, the way the nitrogen danced thru the coffee to create a beautiful cascade in the cup was the visual start to my experience but that first sip just blew me away! Smooth and creamy with a thick viscosity, I not only tasted all the wonderful flavors inherent to the Ethiopia bean they seemed to be enhanced by the process; and with out the need for ice, milk or sweeteners my first sip was just as good as my last and left me looking for a refill.
With the dog days of summer quickly approaching make sure to make some time to sit back and enjoy a cold cup of Nitro coffee the Brow Lifter comes in a light roasted Ethiopia and a full bodied Mezzanotte I think your going to love it!

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