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Brow Lifter’s Nitro coffee-the trending new cold brew- claims a lot of promising titles, in taste, performance, appearance, and an undeniable cool factor. With its beautiful ombre color, smooth and creamy feel, less bitter but intense coffee flavor, and beer-like pour from on tap, it excels as a cold brew.

For the last few years, we have seen artisanal coffee draw a strong audience that has not tired of it and they show no signs of giving it up. In fact, coffee lovers in general have created a 75% growth in iced coffee drinking alone over the past decade. According to NPD and Mintel marketing groups, the sales of cold brewed drinks has gone up 340% between 2010 and 2015. That is outrageous! Now, include the beer-loving crowd; the potential percentage of growth and sales the beverage industry would see will be incredible. Nitro is just the drink to bring these two audiences together and output amazing results.

This hot trend that has been emerging over the last year, has just been validated by the big coffee name we know, Starbucks. Nitro is here to stay and hitting taps all over the country and there is no better time to get on board. Nitro-ready trikes and equipment paired with our small batch artisan brewed beans makes Brow Lifter an easy way to get this trending beverage working for you.

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