Nitro Coffee : The Origin and Future

The beauty of a nitro coffee is that any quality coffee can be applied to this process and transformed into a creamy frothy cold and refreshing beverage. The fact that any coffee can be used in a nitro coffee roast means that any type of coffee drinker can enjoy this new and innovative beverage.

In short, the nitro process is coffee created by leveraging the normal heating process of coffee and then infusing it with nitrogen.  The result is draft coffee that comes straight from the tap and is extra smooth and creamy, similar to a Guinness.

This new take on the coffee experience is highly appealing. It must employ a high quality of coffee and properly execute the process to make the taste refreshing and delightful. This starts with the sourcing—a superior specialty grade Arabic green coffee to be blended or roasted to bring out the optimal flavor. Then you can proceed with the nitrogen infusion to create the creamy velvety beverage.  An additional aesthetic bonus is that the nitrogen produces a beautiful cascading effect when being poured.

The nitro coffee experience can be tailored to meet your own personal coffee preference.  Enjoy a lighter roast?  Select an Ethiopian blend and take pleasure in how the nitro process brings out the floral and citrus notes with the beans.  Prefer a darker roast?  Select a blend of Central American coffees to bring out the sweet dark chocolate notes.  And let’s say you are right in between.. perhaps a blend of African and Central American coffees that is roasted in a way to be a bit bolder but not dark enough to mask the characteristics of the individual bean.   Even a decaf drinker can take delight in enjoying their favorite blend in this creamy cold beverage form.

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