Nitro Coffee

Where it works best.

Coffee Houses

The rich, smooth, bold flavor of a nitrogen infused cold coffee is a natural addition to any coffee house or brewery. Your customers will crave this innovative beverage. In high demand, nitro coffee sells from morning until night. Our team can assist you with the simple process of adding Nitro Coffee to your operation.

Gastro Pub

The artisan coffee movement is not just for coffee houses. Consumers are expecting -even demanding- Brow Lifter Nitro Coffee with their everyday dining experiences. It is simple to serve, pairs well with all food, and creates an amazing WOW factor for your guests. Let the team at CULT Coffee Roaster help you install Brow Lifter in your operation.


Anywhere people gather for community, entertainment or sports, Brow Lifter Nitro Coffee is a welcome participant. Our product is portable and easy to serve no matter where you are and no matter the uniqueness of your operation. Give the people what they want, cold nitro coffee. It brings them back time and again.

Coffee Trends

Effervescing the café culture we already love.

The Brew Crew

Kay Garland

Lead Designer

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Lonnie Schatz

Director of Sales

We welcome the newest member of the CULT Coffee Roaster family, Lonnie Schatz! Lonnie is our Director of Sales and he is uniquely qualified to take over this position with a strong sales, marketing and food industry experience! Here’s a little more about Lonnie! Lonnie's foundational roots are in the restaurant business, He's worked in a high paced restaurant starting at the age of 15 with family members and loved it. After he left college he moved to Alaska were he fell into, at the time a small start up coffee roasting company, with the son of the Bigelow Tea family. He worked all positions there from roasting to serving as a Barista. Today it is a thriving company with locations all over Alaska.

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Christopher Marsitto


Christopher Marsitto finds his passion and inspiration from deep within thousands of pounds of small beans. His areas of expertise reach every aspect of the process; from sourcing, cupping, and roasting to blending and packaging. Over 20 years of experience has allowed him to produce an incredible cup of coffee. The beauty of this experience is that the product evolves with each new crop in every region, and with the ever-changing consumer palate and preference, and can meet those needs. Christopher is able to adapt to emerging trends, changing markets, and a variety of regions full of coffee consumers who are met with his own raised expectations.

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